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Vendor Shocked, Cute and Cuddly “Diamond” Highland Cattle Sell for Six Figures.

By Paul Costigan

Jane MacCulloch knew she had the cutest cows on the lot but is still reeling from an unbelievable sale price for her prized highland cattle.

“Apparently highlands are the new diamonds in Australia,” she said.

“I had hoped for a high price but not that high.”

The long-horned Highland cattle breed is gaining popularity for their gentle nature and good quality meat.

“They are beautiful cows and they’re also dairy cows as well, which people don’t realise, they have a high butter fat content,” Jane added.

“For me it’s more a win for the breed and raising their profile.”

Two buyers purchased the 9 head of cattle for $104800 averaging $11644.44 each, two to three times the price for an average cow.

Livestock Agent Paul Costigan from Ray White Rural Canberra/Yass says it’s a strong showing of what the future potential holds for highland cattle in Australia.

“It’s a real boutique market, they are a beautifully natured beast, they are mild and quiet.”

“One man bought some for his wife for mother’s day and the other buyer purchased them to add to their herd, both buyers were from the central west of NSW.”

“People are buying them not only for their cute factor but they are also ideal for the small landholder, especially because of how easy they are to maintain.”

While the top price for cow and calf sold for $15550 it was Nugget the 570kg bull who sold for the incredible price of $16075.

“Nugget was fairly hot property, he had very good confirmation in his structure and all the good attributes highlands have, his horns and hair on his face.”

(Mildred and her calf sold for $15550)

(Nugget the bull-photo supplied)

(Livestock Agent Paul Costigan with Jane MacCulloch and Highlanders)


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