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Beautiful and functional bathroom styles

By Rosie Barton

Bathrooms are spaces that are often designed for functionality over beauty. Small and often windowless, they are one room of your home that is experienced very privately, but experienced by everyone. They are funny and unique little spaces – but in our opinion, they have huge potential.

Kerry Melbourne, owner of Kerry Melbourne Interiors, is an advocate for making your bathroom a standout experience. “Making your bathroom pop can change your whole bathroom experience, making even the most functional bathroom feel luxe,” says Ms Melbourne.

So we asked Ms Melbourne to share some tips to incorporate more fun and beauty into your bathroom – without sacrificing that core functionality.

Make Your Storage A Statement

A really key way to incorporate storage into your bathroom without sacrificing the look of the space is to turn your storage into statement features. It can be very hard to hide storage in a bathroom, especially if the space is small, so lean into it and choose beautiful storage pieces.

“A great backlit mirror with a cabinet behind is a great functional and stylish design feature, and it fits all your day to day bathroom necessities” Ms Melbourne notes.

Ms Melbourne also recommends the use of stylish baskets to hide larger items that have no where else to go. Using statement wall hooks on empty wall space so you can hang your robe and towels is another great wait to maximise storage.

Where To Splash Out

Bathrooms can be expensive projects. All that glass, plumbing, and tiling can set you back a bit of cash, so where should you prioritise your spending?

“Think about your focal points in the bathroom – your shower, basin, and bathtub all stand out and are going to be what people notice the most,” Ms Melbourne says.

Spending the extra money on a standout shower and bathtub will really strengthen the look of your bathroom in a big way. Investing a bit more in your tub will also heighten the experience of your bathroom – imagine relaxing in a deep bath filled with bubbles surrounded by candles at the end of a long week.

Ms Melbourne notes that you can find lots of cost-effective options for tiles and tapware that won’t set you back as much, and floor tiles specifically are rarely noticed.

Freshen It Up

Bathrooms are often tucked into dark parts of homes, which means on their own, they can feel a little drab. If you are wanting to freshen up your bathroom and bring life into the area, then you should get comfortable with nice lighting, splashes of colour, and indoor plants.

“Plants are what make a bathroom for me – greenery just oozes that light and airy feeling that we all love,” Ms Melbourne says.

Colour is also something you should find ways to incorporate wherever you can. From tiles and towels, through to soap holders and clothes hampers – try to find things that add a pop of vibrancy to the space.

Great lighting will also make a huge difference to your bathroom. If your space lacks natural light, consider ways alternative ways to brighten the room. “Backlit mirrors are really in right now and look amazing!” Ms Melbourne says.

Lighting and mirrors have the power to make a small space feel much much bigger. Incorporating these elements well will expand your space nicely.

Try New Things

While bathrooms should be timeless, Ms Melbourne encourages people to think outside the box.

“I personally love the use of stones in bathrooms, even though it is often reserved for kitchens.”

Bright popping tiles, art, and unique designs will always make your bathroom feel bespoke and custom.

More Than Just Function

Bathrooms truly have the power to transport people. Despite the functional uses, they are a  space where you can have a lot of fun – so dive in and create a unique space that is a joy to use.

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